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Anointed Prayer Cloths

Anointed Prayer Cloths

Acts 19:11-12
Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them (NKJV).

Anointed prayer cloths are a point of contact, uniting the faith of the recipient and the giver of the prayer cloth to see prayer answered.

Prayer cloths are a tangible reminder that someone, or a group of people, are praying and believing for an individual’s healing, miracle or answer to prayer.

Prayer cloths are a tangible and visible reminder of the power of God for the salvation of loved ones, healings, deliverance from oppression and evil spirits, financial breakthrough, and for other situations requiring a miracle from God.

There is no magic in a prayer cloth. It's not meant to be a fleece. Put your faith in God, not the prayer cloth, to heal you or for prayer to be answered.

However, a prayer cloth, when it's prayed over, can be a carrier of the anointing and many people experience healing or answered prayer.

Likewise, a tangible transference of the anointing can take place through the laying on of hands, being anointed with holy anointing oil, partaking of Holy Communion or wearing a Tallit (prayer shawl). This transference does not always happen in each case, but it has been reported to happen frequently in many cases.

I don’t know all the reasons yet why healings and miracles is not always 100% of the time transferred to a person through the above means, but I do know by decades of experience that healing is not a science. Yes, it is a fact that Jesus heals, but it happens different for each person. God works with people on a case by case situation, and speaks to their hearts, and leads them into their healing and breakthrough however He wants to do it in their life.

This post only reveals various healing methods that have worked for people in many cases, (that I am aware of so far), and if you diligently seek out each possible method one of them may work for you and your healing and miracle will take place.

God leads each person on a unique journey of how He is going to heal them, and a person has to be led by the Spirit of God in receiving their healing, breakthrough, deliverance, answers to prayer, and financial increase.

Some people are healed by the laying on of hands, being anointed with oil in the Name of the Lord, some by using prayer cloths, and others by the spoken prayer of faith.

Some are healed while partaking of Holy Communion. Some are healed by decreeing and declaring healing Scriptures everyday or speaking healing commands over their body.

Some are healed of physical, mental and emotional issues, and some are delivered of demons by soaking in God’s Glory through anointed worship music. In the atmosphere of worship, and anointed minstrels playing their instruments and singing, anything is possible. Miracles happen. The Glory of God shows up. Healings take place. Demons leave people’s lives.

Some are healed by getting so saturated in faith teachings that they literally begin to overflow with faith – it comes oozing out of their speech, their actions, their beliefs and thoughts, and then miraculous healings take place, mountains are removed or miraculous financial provision shows up.

Some people are instantly healed when a word of knowledge or prophecy is given about their particular condition. They receive that word, and their healing takes place. This happened to me years ago. After receiving a word of knowledge that a woman was being healed of pain in one the ears, due to a small growth that had just begun, God was miraculously removing the growth. I received that word, and instantly my ear was healed, the pain was gone, and I have never had any problems since that time. That was probably 25 or 30 years ago, while I was watching the 700 Club. I believe it was Terry Meeuwsen who gave that word of knowledge.

Some people have reported receiving divine healing and miracles when Jesus appeared to them in Person in a dream or vision, or being caught up to heaven.

Some people are healed by the ministry of special healing angels who are assigned the ministry of delivering healing to God’s saints. Angels may pour out healing oil, help lead people into proper nutrition, or go to heaven and get spare body parts and come to earth and take out the diseased body parts and replace it with brand new body parts in a split second’s time.

Many who have gone to heaven and come back to talk about it report that there is a huge warehouse near the Throne in heaven that contains multiplied millions of spare body parts for people on earth when their body parts become diseased or wear out. These spare body parts are for us here on earth.

In Heaven spare body parts are not necessary for the saints living in Heaven since no one ever gets sick again, and besides in heaven we will have brand new kinds of bodies powered by light and spirit rather than blood and organs. We will have tangible solid bodies, be recognizable, wear clothing and even eat food and drink beverages. But the food and beverages absorb into the spirit body and no one ever has to deal with de-toxing and using restrooms ever again, or food allergies, weight gain, IBS and other digestive disorders.

There are some people who are healed by the faith of others, and not by their own faith.

Some people are healed when other people pray over them, or lay hands on them, or prophesy over them.

Others are healed by praying over their own selves, or decreeing healing commands over their own body, soul, mind or finances. It’s always good to have as many people, and especially seasoned intercessors, praying over you as possible.

Recently when my mother kept on experiencing certain symptoms on a daily basis or several times a day, I sent in prayer requests for her to as many healing ministries as I could find on the internet. Someone must be praying, because since that time, her symptoms have disappeared and she is doing much better now. I don’t know who all is doing the praying, but I certainly do appreciate it!

The more prayer support you get, the better.

There are some who are not saved yet and may not even believe in healing, but God heals them anyways and they become a believer and give their life to Christ.

The common thing that has to happen for any healing or miracle to take place is that faith has to be involved, whether it’s the faith of the recipient or the minister, or both. Sometimes there is no one to agree in faith with you for a healing, and God joins His faith with yours and heals you.

James said that the prayer of faith will save the sick. He didn’t say that the laying on of hands or applying anointing oil will save the sick, although those things are mentioned in the same passage. He said that the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. The anointing oil is more of a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the Anointing.

In the Old Testament, the Anointing Oil actually contained the properties of the Anointing, and was only used in the Tabernacle. It was not used for common purposes or used outside of the Tabernacle. There was a blessing or curse associated with the Anointing Oil. If anyone did not make it according to the exact instructions given by God, but did their own improvising, a curse could come upon them for their disobedience. If the Anointing Oil was used for common purposes or in an irreverent manner, a curse could come upon the person who was irreverent. If anyone, besides an authorized priest or one who mixed perfumes, made the Holy Anointing Oil, they might come under the judgment of God for being unauthorized to mix together the ingredients for the Anointing Oil.

In the New Testament, at least in my church background experience, anointing oil is more symbolic of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. I’ve never heard of a case where someone came under the judgment of God and was struck dead over misusing today’s version of Anointing Oil. No one in our era makes the original Anointing Oil exactly according to the specifications in the Old Testament Tabernacle. Anointing Oil today is usually olive oil mixed with Spikenard or Frankincense. It does not contain all 6 or 7 ingredients as the Old Testament Tabernacle Anointing Oil, and no one knows the exact measurements of each ingredient.

All we know is that the original Anointing Oil is not something to play around with and to never try to copycat the original recipe, lest there be a curse or judgment associated with it. We know it’s only for Tabernacle use, and not for use outside of the Tabernacle or used for common purposes or used as perfume, or to be carried around in our purses.

I sort of feel like the original Anointing Oil in the Tabernacle is the exact same recipe as the Anointing Oil in Heaven’s Throne Room. There is a Holiness about that original Oil that is unlike the Anointing Oil we have today, which the Anointing Oil of today contains more symbolism than transferable anointing.

In the Old Testament, the Anointing could be found in long hair, such as in the case of Samson. His long hair was the secret to his incredible strength and anointing. When his hair was cut off, his anointing and strength and authority was cut off (and he was taken by the Philistines into captivity and they gauged his eyes out and forced him to thresh the grain like an ox). After his hair grew back, he had a servant boy lead him to the two main pillars holding up a coliseum, and when he pushed with all his might the whole structure came crashing down and everyone perished, including himself. He killed more Philistines in his death than in all the years of his lifetime.

But in the New Testament, I’ve never heard of cases of tangible anointing being in hair, whether long or short. I’m not saying that this kind of anointing in hair was only for the Old Testament era, but I have not personally experienced it or heard any reports about it in our day and age.

I did have a prophetic dream years ago that I was with ministry friends in a beauty salon. I was the one sitting in the chair getting a haircut. I was totally unaware of what was happening to me and around me. You could say I was very trusting and naïve.

Another part of me in the dream was standing to the side viewing myself in the chair, and seeing the other ladies I used to minister with. The primary person, who had the scissors and was going to cut my hair, was a friend of mine and ministry associate. The other ladies stood nearby witnessing everything, but never stepped in to defend me or do something about it. They were considered accomplices.

The primary person, who was my friend in real life and ministry associate, began to use the sharp scissors and cut off huge chunks of my hair, where I almost had no hair left. She nearly butchered me. While she was doing it, in the dream I got a close-up shot of her eyes. In her eyes, she had a look of malice, envy and animosity, and an evil and demonic look. The other ladies stood nearby seeing what my friend was doing, and although they did not directly try to cut off my hair, they must have been in agreement with my friend cutting off my hair, and said nothing to stop it.

In the dream, I was totally unaware of what was happening.

I woke up knowing the meaning of the dream. From the illustration of Samson, my long hair represented the Anointing on my life. My friend in real life, God revealed to me, recognized an anointing on my life, as she is very prophetic and often gives prophetic words and has a Seer anointing. God showed me that she did have envy and malice in her heart towards me. I’m not sure why – whether it was because of jealousy or other reasons. I’ve never tried to compete with anyone else.

My friend, and the other ladies, in real life and in the dream, have always accepted my anointing as a prophetic worshipper and musician, and leading worship. But they have not yet accepted or acknowledged my anointing, which is even a greater level of anointing, in the area of teaching and preaching the Word, even after 10 years of going to Bible College.

For one thing, they have never seen me minister in this capacity, unless they read my blogs and social media. I probably don’t look the part or fit the part, or have the personality of the part of a minister. I’m talking about in person. In writing, I’m more bold and am more of an extrovert, but in person I’m more shy, quiet, fearful of speaking in front of audiences, and maybe they can’t really fathom me operating in the Office of the Teacher anointing.

However, apparently my friend, who I thought was my true friend, saw something in me because she is prophetic. It’s not right for her to feel envy and malice towards me and to purposely try to cut off my anointing and sabotage me or bring me to demise somehow. Not long after that dream, I went through a period of months being severely attacked by demonic and witchcraft attacks. That might have been part of the reason.

I don’t hang around those friends anymore very often, and when I am around them, I never bring up my main calling in life – about teaching the Word. We just talk about other things. Sometimes in life we come to find out who our true friends are when going through a trial or illness. Sometimes who we thought were our true friends are not there for us in our greatest time of need, or turn out to be our enemies and attempt to bring us to demise or sabotage us somehow.

In real life, I’m not sure how my friend was trying to cut off my anointing for teaching the Word, unless it was through speaking curses over me, prophesying false things, or something involving the use of the tongue.

In the Gospels, if you read through all of the miraculous healings Jesus did, He healed different people in different ways. Some were healed instantly, and others were healed as they “went their way” (walked out their complete healing).

Some were healed when He laid His hands on them or touched them, and others were healed when He merely spoke the command, even if the infirmed were hundreds of miles away.

One was healed when Jesus spit on the ground and formed mud, and put it on a blind man’s eyes, and then told him to wash in the pool of Siloam. The man, when he obeyed, received his sight. There were other blind people who Jesus merely laid His hands on their eyes, or spoke the command, and they received their sight.

In the Old Testament, God healed Naaman who had leprosy, through giving commands through the prophet Elisha for him to dip in the muddy Jordan River seven times (2 Kings 5:9-14). At first he was reluctant, but when he obeyed the command, his skin came out completely cleared up and whole, like a little child’s skin, as if he had never had the disease in the first place.

There were some lepers who Jesus healed, and their disease was brought into permanent remission.

There were other lepers, who when they said “thank you” to Jesus for healing them, that they were made whole (meaning that the deformities, scars, missing limbs, etc were put back together as if there were no signs that they had ever had the leprosy in the first place).

When Jesus turned water into wine, He could have given the spoken command and wine would have appeared in the vessels. But He chose to have the vessels filled with water first, and then He turned the water into the best wine.

When the prophet Elijah was on the run from the threats of Jezebel, God could have rained manna down from heaven to feed him, as He did for 40 years with the first generation of Israelites who left Egypt. However, God chose to use a raven to bring food to him.

Some people in the New Testament were instantly healed when they touched the hem of Jesus’ garment (not only the woman with the issue of blood, but many others too). Some were healed when the shadow of Peter passed by. Some were healed when aprons and handkerchiefs, taken from the body of Paul, were placed on sick people and also demons were driven out by the anointing on the cloths.

Some people are healed by calling their healing into existence, by prophesying it into existence everyday and cursing the roots of the disease. This is called “the spoken word”. This is probably the most effective method of receiving healing, or any answer to prayer, because Jesus guaranteed that a person WILL have whatsoever they SAY (not only believe), and that can work for the good or the bad, depending on what a person says on a continual basis with their tongue.

The power of confession is one of the most important spiritual laws of the universe that God created, and it governs our lives. This spiritual law works for both saved and unsaved people alike, in every area of life, for the positive or negative depending on what a person says on a habitual basis.

In Romans 10:9-10, we are saved by grace (accepting salvation as a free gift not earned or by merit, but by favor) and we are saved by faith (believing in our HEART that Jesus died and rose again, and is the Messiah). Then our salvation is made complete through CONFESSION that Jesus Christ is Lord (or we might refer to it as saying a prayer of salvation and accepting Jesus to come into your heart and be Your Lord and Savior). And then testifying or confessing to others around you that you are now born again.

It works the same way for healing or for anything else you receive from God:

1.   You accept God’s grace (favor) whether you feel worthy or unworthy, and healing is a free gift paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary
2.   You believe in your HEART that you have already received it
3.   You confess with your lips. You have to speak it.
4.   Take appropriate steps of action.
5.   Testify about it.

Kenneth E. Hagin, Sr. has a teaching on YouTube , as well as a booklet, on “How To Write Your Own Ticket With God”. In this study, he shares how he experienced a face-to-face visitation with Jesus Christ in Person in an open vision.

Jesus explained to him 4 simple steps for all believers to take to receive ANYTHING from God (as long as it’s something promised in the Word or in alignment with the principles of God’s kingdom). This is based on Mark 11:23-24.

Jesus mentioned 4 steps, which is included above, but I broke down the grace and faith into two categories, but grace and faith goes together as twins.

These 4 simple steps for receiving anything from God are:
1.   When you pray, believe in your heart that you have already received it
2.   Say it. Speak it into existence. Confess it.
3.   Take steps of action.
4.   Tell about it. Testify about what God did for you.

Faith is not merely believing – that is only Step 1.

Faith involves putting in practice certain faith principles taught in the Word of God to see healings, miracles and dreams come to pass in your life.

Some of the major principles of faith, but not limited to these, include:

1.   Faith comes by hearing. Hearing what? The Word of God. You have to get yourself saturated in the Word for your mind to be renewed and your faith to be built up. You have to keep on hearing and hearing the Word. The more Word you hear and absorb, the more faith will be deposited into your heart.

The Bible talks about different levels of faith: exceeding faith, great faith, mountain moving faith, weak faith, little faith, no faith, wavering faith.

2.   The analogy of mustard seed size faith is not necessarily saying that all a person needs is a very tiny amount of faith to move mountains, because in my own life it took a lot of faith and effort to move some major mountains out of the way that had been in existence for decades, and were very stubborn and resistant to change.

The mustard seed is one of the tiniest seeds, but when it is sown into the ground, it springs up and has the potential to grow into a very large tree, providing shade to others and the birds can nest in the thick branches.

Mustard seed is similar to the analogy of an acorn. We don’t think of the acorn seed by itself, but our minds automatically think about the strong and mighty oak tree it becomes over a period of time after the seed is sown into the earth.

Faith often comes in seed form that is planted into people’s hearts by the teaching of the Word of God, then that seed grows and produces a mighty harvest.

3.   You can receive nothing from God apart from faith. A person who doubts is like a wave of the sea tossed to and fro, and is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways, and cannot expect to receive anything from the Lord.

4.   Faith is the only thing that pleases God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God, because he who comes to Him must believe that He exists, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

5.   Faith calls those things that currently do not exist, into existence, and it becomes a reality. God speaks of the end results before you arrive there.

6.   Faith prophesies things into existence, and faith involves making authoritative decrees and commands in the Spirit realm, as your role of a king before God. We are kings and priests unto Him, and rule and reign with Him in the here and now, and not just one day in heaven or during the Millenium. Kings make decrees and those commands are carried out. When we decree the Word of the Lord, God’s angels hearken to the voice of the Lord and carry out things for us and help bring things to pass in our lives. Angels are activated by faith words and the Word of God.

7.   Faith takes appropriate action, depending on whatever it is you are believing for. Faith makes preparation for whatever it is you are believing for. Faith without works is dead. James says to show me your works and I will show you my faith. When you truly believe that you have already received something, and that the answer is arriving soon, it will show up in your actions.

8.   Faith involves posting pictures that depict whatever you are believing for, to a vision board, journal, your I-Phone, and anywhere in your house that you will look at all the time, and keep it before your eyes day and night. The Bible teaches that what a person continually beholds with their physical eyes, after a while it is drawn to you like a magnet and becomes a reality. This principle is seen in the story of Jacob and the spotted and speckled flock. It’s also noted in the account of Abraham seeing the numerous stars in the sky at night, and during the daytime looking at the innumerable grains of sand all around him. That is how many offspring he would have one day.

9.   Faith only speaks what the Word says about your situation, such as by Jesus’ stripes, you are (and were) healed. Faith comes into agreement with what God says in His Word, and does not participate in parroting what the devil is saying (words of doubt, unbelief, murmuring, complaining, griping, negativity, evil words) which can cancel out what God wants to do in your life.

10.       The first generation of Israelites forfeited their inheritance and were not allowed to enter into their promised land because of their doubt and unbelief, murmuring and complaining, and speaking evil accusations against God.

This is a very serious matter in God’s eyes, and is in a higher category of iniquity than even the sin of murder. This sin angers God more than any other sin.

Doubt and unbelief is the same as treating God with the utmost disrespect and dishonor, contempt, rudeness, irreverence, and making Him out to be a liar, to be weak and impotent, unable to carry out what He said He would do, unfaithful to His promises, and accusing Him of being the evil Person causing your problems when the real problem is a person’s own attitudes and evil heart.

11.       Faith does not deny facts or lie about facts, but faith denies the sickness or problem the right to remain in your life.

12.       A person may share with others the symptoms and facts of the disease for others to have greater awareness of the condition. But true faith doesn’t keep on rehearsing the symptoms over and over and over again, for years on end, as if the person owns their sickness and not ready to give it up.

There’s a time to talk about it, but after a very long time has gone by, then there is a time to stop rehearsing it, and to instead only say what the Word says regardless of how you feel physically. Rehearsing the symptoms for a very long period of time, only helps to EMPOWER and keep the symptoms alive and active in your body. When you begin to only speak what the Word says by declaring healing promises, and to rebuke the symptoms, to decree healing commands, to curse the roots of the disease such as cancer for instance, then progress is made towards your healing and recovery. Eventually the symptoms have to obey the words you speak.

13.       Faith speaks to mountains (obstacles, insurmountable problems) and tells it where to go. Faith does not let the mountains tell you how it’s going to be (that is a victim mentality). Faith involves empowerment, and you taking control over how your future is going to be by the words you speak and the decisions you make. You have the authority to be the prophet over your own life and tell your future how things are going to be, and then take steps to fulfill it.

14.       Faith requires that a person first have hope before you can have faith. Without hope, there is no faith. Faith is the substance of things “hoped for”, the evidence of things not seen.

15.       Faith may not see physical evidence of something happening with their natural eyes, but faith has eyes in the spirit realm and sees the answer even before it comes. It’s okay to give yourself permission to dream. God gave us the ability to dream, so that we could decide what we want, be able to imagine it and see it in our spirit, and begin to speak it into existence and take action to see it come into reality.

16.       Hope is essential in order to have faith, and will keep you going forward and holding on. Hope is positive expectation that your answer is going to come to pass. Hope expects or wishes for things to change for the positive. However, only FAITH can actually CHANGE things. Faith can even create, if necessary.

17.       Hope is always for the future (someday I will be totally healed, someday I will be prosperous, someday my dream will come to pass, someday I will be married).

18.       On the other hand, faith is “right now” in the present, believing that the answer is happening “right now” and that you have “already received” your answer regardless of how things look on the surface. In the Spirit realm, something has shifted, and soon you will see the manifestation. You know you have received your answer when you get busy making preparation for its arrival and taking steps of action.

19.       Faith is when you have turned your problem over to the Lord, and you let Him fight your battles for you. When you come into His Sabbath Rest, and into the Secret Place of the Most High, and just rest in Him, while you rest (even literally taking a nap or going on a much needed vacation), God is at work taking care of your battles. And He wins each and every battle and gives you the victory.

20.       Faith has to be in the heart (not the mind) to work right. Jesus said that you have to believe in your HEART. If there is doubt in your heart, then faith will not work for you.

21.       If there is faith in your heart, but doubt in your mind, then you don’t need to pay it much attention, as that is probably the enemy planting doubt in your mind.

Also, the mind is always contrary and in a battle with your heart or spirit man part of you. You have to go with what your heart and spirit is saying in making decisions, not what your mind or logic is saying, because your mind can play tricks on you and you can keep changing your mind over and over again depending what your feelings are dictating at the moment. The mind is the arena or battlefield where the devil fights you the most. Only the teaching and applying of the Word of God can transform the mind and thinking processes.

The mind can only process facts, figures and logic like a computer can. It only can see what is in front of you. Your spirit, on the other hand, is created with the ability to discern the supernatural, and can pick up on what may happen down the road in the future depending on what decisions you make right now.

Your spirit can discern things to come in the future, and your spirit can discern problematic areas that need to be resolved, or alert you to stay away from certain individuals who would cause you a lot of needless trouble.

Your spirit is a safe guide to follow, because it doesn’t go by logic or reasoning, but it picks up things in the supernatural, and it can discern even the very thoughts and attitudes of other people’s hearts so that you are not left in the dark.

If you feel like you are walking in the dark not knowing what to do or how to navigate your way around, the Word says that the entrance of God’s Word brings light (which is referring to revelation and wisdom – Psalms 119:130).

Ephesians 1:17 talks about the Spirit of God being the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, and He downloads revelation (light) to us, so that we may understand His mysteries, and our hearts be illuminated with revelation. We cannot find revelation in anything or anyone other than God Himself, and it comes from the Word of God. Wisdom comes from God, by the Word of God, and Wisdom is personified as being God Himself. God not only possesses wisdom and gives out wisdom to those who seek for it, but He IS Wisdom, Light and Revelation.

22.       Jesus did NOT say that a person will have in life whatever they believe. Many people believe for things, but never receive it for some reason or another. Jesus said we shall have whatever we SAY (and especially continually say). Saying is verbalizing what you believe in your heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When you audibly verbalize what you believe, then it activates something in the Spirit realm to bring things to pass in an accelerated manner.

23.       Faith involves the renewing of the mind and thinking in alignment with how God thinks, and Heaven’s culture, which is accomplished by being saturated in the Word and spending time in His Glory.

24.       Faith works by love. Without walking in love, faith will not work right for you. Things won’t go right in your life. Your prayers will be hindered. Your blessings will be blocked off from you receiving the full flow of blessings. Love is best defined in 1 Corinthians 13. Love is not necessarily an emotion, but involves decisions and actions, showing honor and respect, turning away from evil attitudes, fearing (reverencing) the Lord, and is produced by the Holy Spirit working in your life as you yield to Him.

25.       You cannot mistreat others and have working faith. It won’t happen. Your prayers will be hindered. You cannot treat others with disrespect and dishonor, and expect your prayers to be answered.

26.       You cannot live in bitterness and unforgiveness and have working faith that moves mountains. It will definitely hinder your prayers, block off many of the blessings of God, and you will feel like your soul has been exiled to the wilderness where you are thirsty and parched dry.

If never dealt with, unforgiveness and roots of bitterness can lead to eternal judgment in hell because if we don’t forgive others, God cannot forgive us.

Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion. You may still feel angry and full of rage towards the perpetrator, but can forgive them by turning the offender over to God, letting the matter go by putting in your claim in the Court Room of Heaven with all the facts and evidence of the wrongdoing they did, or even criminal acts, and then turn them over to God for Him to deal with direct. Then your chains will be broken, and you won’t be chained to the perpetrator anymore. You will receive some kind of justice. It may not come like you think, but God will avenge you in some kind of way and turn things around in your favor.

In this world, many offenses will come. But woe to the one who causes, or instigates, the offenses. They are held in greater judgment and accountability than the victims are.

But the victims can be held in the judgment of God if they refuse to ever forgive the offenders and to harbor hatred. When you hold onto unforgiveness, it’s like holding the offender in your custody and being chained to them, rather than delivering them over to the custody of the Father and Son, and letting them deal with the perpetrator.

On earth, we would hand people over to the law and courts, and let the judges deal with them. It works the same way with God. When we release the offense (more for our own welfare than the perpetrator’s welfare), we are not saying that what they did was okay, because it was not okay. But it means we are releasing the bitterness and hate, and turning them over into the custody of God, so He can judge or discipline them (the Father and Son are the judges). They know how to deal with perpetrators. They will bring you justice.

We hold up our justice and tie God’s hands by holding onto unforgiveness. He cannot deal with the offender until you let go of the perpetrator and deliver them over to God so He can deal with them. Our unforgiveness gets in the way of God doing His job as the Highest Judge of the Universe, and our own bitterness contaminates our Temple.

27.       Faith works by patience. Through faith AND patience, we inherit the promises. Some miracles are instant, and other things take a while. I don’t understand all the reasons why this is so, but this is the reality. There could be many factors involved of why some healings come instantly and other healings take a while, and the factors are different for each person, as God views each individual case separately. What applies to one person does not necessarily apply to someone else.

Why did God heal other barren women and give them conception only after a short time after praying for a child, while it took 25 years for Abraham and Sarah to have Isaac?

Maybe they got impatient and conceived Ishmael, which was not God’s promised child, and that has stirred up problems for thousands of years now. However, why did over 10 years go by from the time the promise was given until they became impatient and had Ishmael out of utter desperation for the promise to come to pass?

Why did decades go by from the time Abraham and Sarah married at a young age until Abraham was around 75 years old and Sarah 65, until they received the promise of a son in the first place? Why did God wait to give them conception until they were both too old to conceive a child in the first place, even if Sarah had never been barren?

We don’t understand all of these factors. But we do know that Abraham is the father of faith, and the father of the Jews and grafted in Gentiles. Those who are of faith are the seed of Abraham and heirs of the promises.

Abraham staggered not at the promise of God, through unbelief, but was strong in faith, and giving glory to God. He did not consider his own body now dead nor the deadness of Sarah’s womb. But he was fully persuaded that what God has aid, that He would fulfill it. And to him it was credited to him as righteousness.

About Sarah, it says that she received the promise and conceived Isaac, because she considered Him faithful who had promised.

God speaks life to the dead, and calls those things that are not, as if they already were in existence.

God also gave Abraham visual pictures to look at everyday for years and years. For example, the millions of stars in the sky at night represented that his offspring would be more numerous than if you could count the number of stars. Everytime Abraham looked at the desert scenery around him, he was reminded that his offspring would be as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore. How can you count all of the grains of sand? It is impossible. But God knows the number of hairs on our head, and He knows how many grains of sand there is on a seashore and in the entire earth. It would be a mathematical figure that is beyond our learning on this earth, that we have never heard of yet – beyond trillions and zillions, if zillion is a number. On this earth, we stop at trillions. But God is unlimited, and goes way beyond us here on this earth.

Sometimes we don’t know the reasons for why it may take so long for promises to come to pass, but we do know by what the Word of God shows us, that God is faithful to fulfill His promises. His timing may not always be our timing, but He is an on-time God. He knows when the best timing is for something to take place in our lives. We may never understand it, or maybe we will in time or in eternity in heaven, but God knows what He is doing and we have to trust Him.

28.       Faith could be blocked due to mindsets that exalt themselves against the knowledge and will of God. For instance, errant teachings that say that healing is not for today, or teachings that question if it’s always God’s will to heal, is a major factor in cheating God’s people from receiving their healing. Those teachings create doubt in people’s minds and hearts, which is the enemy to faith and to receiving anything from God.

Also, the Western culture, which is Greek based, has a difficult time believing in the supernatural and the Divine. Everything always has to be logical, reasoned out, and figured out in the mind. Other cultures who do believe in the supernatural receive healings and miracles so much quicker, usually instantly, because they don’t have strongholds or traditions in the mind that prevents them from receiving.

Jesus said that there is one thing that is more powerful than the power of God. That is, traditions – especially religious traditions.

The power of God won’t work for you if your traditions cancel it out, and you believe your traditions more than what God’s Word says (or filter everything in the Word through the lense of your traditions).

Once we get to Heaven, all of us will discover that some of our theology and traditions were not exactly in line with the real way things are done in Heaven.

Other blockages that prevent people from receiving their answers to prayer may include feelings of unworthiness, feelings that they don’t deserve it maybe because of past or present sins or shortcomings, a sense of guilt whether real or false, questioning if God wants to do it for them, questioning God’s goodness, having an unhealthy view of Father God if they grew up around abusive fathers or authority figures, feelings of shame, self-esteem that has been battered and beaten down by things people have said over you, lack of confidence in asking God and believing God to follow through, inability to completely trust God perhaps because of experiencing people in your past betraying you or not coming through, etc. God is not like a man. He is God and is Perfect and Reliable.

29.       Some people are only healed when God takes them to Heaven. Maybe they had strong faith, but going to Heaven was how they received their complete healing.

There are many factors going on that only the individual knows about. Some people want to go to heaven right now, and don’t want to hang out on this earth any longer, even if they were divinely totally healed. They are ready to go, and maybe their children are grown and their financial affairs are all in order. Just because they are ready to go on to heaven doesn’t necessarily mean they are experiencing depression. In many cases, that is so, but not in all cases, especially when people become older and they know their years are limited and they feel like they are satisfied in living out their full lifetime and are now ready to move on to their eternal reward.

Some people, especially as they get older, would rather go on to heaven than to live in constant pain and suffering, frequent hospitalizations, taking meds, immobility, being in a nursing home, unable to take care of themselves and have independence, unable to shower themselves or dress themselves, losing a sense of dignity, not being alert in their mind anymore such as with dementia and alzheimers, etc.

I know that for me I do have a desire to live to be a ripe old age, but only long enough where I am always mentally alert, can make decisions, have full mobility, am healthy, no pain and suffering, can dress and shower myself, can use the restroom by myself and feel a sense of dignity, can have access to the outside world through internet and social media, not bound in a wheelchair or living in a nursing home, not sitting around in a rocking chair but being active, not wasting my latter years watching TV but doing ministry work and useful things, enjoying pets, etc.

Some people that are now in heaven were not ready to go to heaven and wanted to remain here for their family, but for some reason, that is how they received their healing. Of course, they would not want to come back to earth after tasting of how wonderful and beautiful heaven is. They are rejoicing and doing well. It’s difficult on their loved ones on earth, but for the person who goes to heaven they are having a party and are so happy!

They are with Jesus face to face, reunited with loved ones, they have back their youthful body like when they were in their 20’s or early 30’s, they have a brand new perfect body that is incorruptible, they behold the joys and beauty of heaven, they don’t have to deal with anymore cares and problems of this earth like financial issues, family tensions, violence and criminal activity in our world, terrorism, and all the cares of this fallen world.

They are now totally free to grow, thrive, flourish and become everything they were created to be. They are now living in wealth beyond human imagination. They live in an atmosphere of perfect love and peace, and begin to make a lot of friends and have wonderful relationships like God intended fellowship to be.

Heaven is the ideal place to be, and once we are there, we will never get sick ever again and never die. We will never feel any pain there (whether physical, emotional, relational or mental). We will never mourn ever again.

It will never get dark there, but is always sunshine (well actually the Father’s Glory is the light which is brighter than our sun and lights all of heaven at the same time).

There are no dangers there, no criminals or wicked people there, no demons there to torment us ever again.

We won’t have to deal with using restrooms ever again or having digestive disturbances, and can eat whatever we want without ever getting sick. There is real food there. There is no animal killing, but people who have been there and come back say that if you like fried chicken, heaven has food made out of light and plants and look and taste just like your favorite fried chicken, and tastes even better than here on earth. If you like pizza, they have that and you can get your favorite toppings. If you like pork toppings, they are not going to kill hogs, but heaven has natural food that looks and tastes just like your favorite Canadian Bacon or Pepperoni, and even tastes much better than here on earth.

Your heavenly body, which is made out of light and spirit, but is solid and tangible, absorbs the food and whatever you drink. There is no need for de-toxing the body. There is no need for showers (for ridding the body of odors from bacteria build up), but there are showers if you just like the feel of the warm water massaging you.

No one has to toil hard to survive there like it is on this earth. The only work you have to do in heaven is to work on developing the gifts and talents God has deposited into you from the moment of your conception. And then use those giftings to bless others with.

Some people in heaven are bakers, chefs, gardeners, construction workers, artists, music recording industry, publish books, musicians and singers, even ministers who preach and teach the Word, professors in universities, childcare providers, and all kinds of professions. Lawyers on this earth may be assigned to be lawyers in the Court Room of heaven, where they listen to cases that take place between disputing parties on this earth and bring justice. People on this earth in professions that are not in heaven, such as doctors, may be busy developing their other interests and hobbies. There are universities in heaven to be trained in certain fields or just for your own higher learning.

People who have gone to heaven and come back say that God gives mansions to all of His children, according to the mansion of their choice, their particular taste and décor, the furnishings they like, the size of mansion they want to have (some saints want smaller cozy mansions and others want mansions larger than a palace – it all depends on the individual).

There are no jealousies in heaven, because whatever the person wants, that is what they get. And a person can always continue to have more and more things as eternity goes on.

Some saints like to live in forested areas, while others like to live on the coast overlooking the Crystal Sea (which is an ocean actually, not a large lake). Some people like to live in the desert, some like to live in the rainforest where it rains all the time, some like the tropical climate with the palm trees and turquoise waters, some like to live where it’s Spring time all year round (like where I want to live), and others want to live where there is snow and other variations of weather and not the same weather patterns all year round.

Some like to live in the urban cities, while others like to live in the suburbs or country. Many saints like to live next door or on the same street as their relatives, but each having their own mansion that is suited to their individual tastes. Some want beautiful gardens on their property (like I do), while others want their own golf course on their property. Some want their own artist studio or music recording studio in their mansion. Some people love to have horses and want to live on a horse ranch, or raise farm animals.

Our pets go to heaven, and will be there when we arrive, and if you have cats, they will have already totally taken over your mansion because they are territorial, and just maybe they will let you live in “their” mansion.

No one in their sane mind would want to come back to this earth, unless God sent them back to fulfill a specific mission, or if they asked to be sent back if they left behind young children with no one else to take care of them, or their death would cause extreme financial hardship to the family that could even result in them losing everything and being homeless. They would only come back here for the sake of their family, but not because they prefer earth over heaven.

Getting back to prayer cloths, the effectiveness of an anointed prayer cloth is based on faith in God. Through faith, the tangible transfer of God’s miracle-working creative power flows into the life of the recipient and births a miracle.

The use of the prayer cloth is dependent on the faith of those who prayed over it and the faith of the recipient. However, the effectiveness of the prayer cloth is not necessarily dependent on the faith of the recipient.  It works better if the two parties both have faith, but all it takes is for at least one party to have faith.

Related Scriptural Passages of Transferable Anointing

A residue of God’s glory and power can reside in clothing, handkerchiefs and aprons, hair, oil, water, through a person’s shadow, wine or juice, through music, etc.

1. The woman with the issue of blood who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment was instantly made whole.

“And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years came from behind and touched the hem of His garment. For she said to herself, ‘If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well.’   But Jesus turned around, and when He saw her He said, “Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well. And the woman was made well from that hour” (NKJV).  Matthew 9:20-22

2.  When Jesus and His disciples crossed over to the region of Gennesaret, those who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment were made completely whole.

“When they had crossed over, they came to the land of Gennesaret. And when the men of that place recognized Him, they sent out into all that surrounding region, brought to Him all who were sick, and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched it were made perfectly well” (NKJV).  Matthew 14:34-36. (Cross reference is Mark 6:56.)

3.  When Peter walked through the streets of Jerusalem, people brought their sick so that his shadow would pass over them so that they would be healed. It wasn’t so much his shadow that healed people, it was the Shekinah Glory of God emanating out of him that healed the people, because he had been with Jesus.

“… so that they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them” (NKJV).  Acts 5:15

4.  Acts 19:11-12 says that God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: so that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

5.  There is transferable healing power in anointing oil. However, it says that the PRAYER OF FAITH will save the sick, not necessarily that the anointing oil or laying on of hands will save the sick. The anointing oil and laying on of hands is about the transferable anointing, and it’s the anointing, or the prayer of faith, that heals the sick.

“Is anyone among you sick?  Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.  And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven” (NKJV).  James 5:14-15

6.  There is a transference of spiritual gifts and anointing for a particular ministry office through the laying on of hands. 1 Timothy 4:14: “Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership”.  And 1 Timothy 5:22: “Do not be hasty to place your hands on anyone to ordain him …”

7.  The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) contains a transferable Presence of Jesus Christ.  If it was symbolic only of Jesus’ suffering and death, then if someone partakes of it unworthily, then he or she would simply be missing the point.  But in the early church in Acts, there was a blessing or a curse (and in some cases, sickness or pre-mature death) associated with taking Communion. And it still applies today.

So therefore, partaking of the Holy Eucharist is both symbolic of Jesus’ broken Body and shed Blood, but there is also a literal, tangible transference of some kind that takes place when you take the Communion. You are partaking of Jesus’ healing, life to your body, strength.

I’m not saying that it’s exactly what the Catholic Church teaches, because I did not grow up in the Catholic Church and don’t even presume to understand this particular doctrine they teach. Only those who have been in the Catholic Church for decades fully understand their beliefs. But I do feel they have more revelation on the Holy Eucharist than most Protestant Churches (that it’s more than just mere symbolism, because as I said, if it was just symbolism only, there would be no blessing or curse associated with it depending on whether it was taken in reverence or irreverence. A person would just be missing the point if they took it in a wrong manner). 1 Corinthians 11:23-34.

Benny Hinn one time shared about being at a Catholic meeting as an invited guest (he’s not Catholic). During the time of taking the Eucharist, after taking the bread and wine, he knelt down on the floor and the priests and nuns were ministering to him. Then suddenly Jesus appeared to him in Person, in an open vision. I don’t remember what Jesus said to him, but the fact is that there is a correlation between just having taken the Eucharist, kneeling down, and then Jesus appears in Person in a vision.

8.  Water can be a carrier of God’s healing power.  A healing angel would stir the waters of the Pool of Bethesda.  The first one to touch the water would be made completely well. 

“Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, having five porches.  In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had.”  John 5:2-4

Some people talk about healing water, but in my past churches we did not practice that so I know nothing about this matter. I am open to it though, to whatever the truth is on the matter, as the Lord reveals to me the truth on this subject. I am not opposed to it just because I don’t understand it or have never experienced it firsthand in my church background.

9.  Some people have been healed when a prayer shawl (Tallit) was wrapped around them. The fringes represent all the laws and commandments of God. The prayer shawl speaks of God’s covenant with His people. All of the promises in the Word of God belong to us, including the promises for healing, wholeness and finances.

There is no magical power in a hem of a garment, an apron, handkerchief, tallit, prayer cloth, a person’s shadow or anything else I have mentioned.  The effectiveness was in the recipient’s act of faith.  However, there was some kind of transference of anointing that took place in many cases.

The person who receives the prayer cloth should carry it with them or pin it to their clothing, or pin it inside their clothing.  If that is impractical, the cloth should be placed in a close location to where the person spends most of their time. Even if a transference of anointing does not happen, just the Scripture verse itself (Isaiah 53:5) is enough to heal a person when the verse becomes a rhema word of revelation to someone.

Prayer cloths can be used with or without the knowledge of those the prayer is intended for. 

If you have received an anointed prayer cloth, have confidence that the prayers prayed over it are still at work.  But don’t put your trust in the cloth itself, which is just a possible carrier of the anointing (like water can carry electricity), rather put your trust in the God who answers those prayers and performs the healings.

Modern Day Examples of Anointing in Clothing and Other Articles

Pastor Benny Hinn said that when God’s anointing comes upon him when he ministers healing, that it feels like electricity is flowing through his body (and sometimes he is slain in the Spirit because of being overwhelmed by God’s power). After the meeting is over with, the anointing stays on him for about five hours before lifting.  However, anointing virtue stays in his clothes for up to ten days.

In one small service (less than 200 people) where Pastor Benny Hinn was ministering (I saw this myself), a lady came to be prayed over who had excruciating back pain.  She was literally crying because the pain was so bad.  Benny took off his coat and told her to wear it, and so she did.  Within a few minutes all the pain had left and her back was healed.  He never did lay hands on her or even pray for her.  A residue of anointing coming from his body got into his coat, and healing power was transferred to that lady.

God can use other articles as transferable anointing, even candy such as M&M’s.  Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. was ministering in a service one day, and a lady approached him and asked him if he would pray over and anoint a bag of candy so that she could give it to her sister who was in a mental institution who was insane.  At first, Kenneth Hagin was taken aback, as he had never prayed over something like candy before. 

The lady said that she had tried sending prayer cloths to her sister, but the nurses would intercept them and throw them away and her sister would not receive the prayer cloths.  So she thought that she would have her sister’s favorite candy prayed over, and the nurses wouldn’t know any better.  So Kenneth Hagin took the candy and put it in his pocket.  After the service he handed the candy back to the lady, and she gave the candy to her sister.  When her sister ate the candy, within a period of days her sister’s mind was completely healed and restored. 

At a Charles & Frances Hunter meeting in 2005, they felt that the Holy Spirit directed them to have everyone bring their wallet to the front and lay it on the altar (it was not a fund raising technique or anything gimmicky).  The Hunter’s anointed all the wallets and prayed for financial prosperity to come and that the people’s wallets would be made full.  In the weeks following the meeting, there were all kinds of testimonies of people receiving financial breakthroughs, new and better jobs, promotions, finding money, unexpected checks arriving in the mail, and cancellation of debts owed.

Science has proven that there is tangible healing energy in music (especially worship music). When music is played (whether melodic or disconcordant music), a transferable energy in the invisible Spirit realm takes place which is felt by the recipient.  The person may feel good or bad, or feel better or worse, depending on the type of music played. 

Scientists have also discovered that musical chords or notes produce laser rays of light when played.  The light is invisible to the naked human eye, but in scientific studies they have special machines that detect the light and show its color.  For instance, the key of G (the solitary note G all by itself) or the chord of G (which is G, B, D) produces green light.  Other keys produce yellow or red light.  Each key or chord produces different colors of the rainbow.  Sound waves, light and colors penetrate through the body and affect us tangibly. 

In medical science, they use light or radiation techniques to treat illnesses (although the treatment has its drawbacks and needs more studies conducted).  Eye surgeons use laser technology to correct vision.  Heart surgeons have new laser technology to do heart or artery surgery.

Anointed prayer cloths are available from this ministry free of charge. The prayer cloth is 4.5" x 5" with Isaiah 53:5 and my website address printed on it. Please email me at and let me know the quantity of prayer cloths you would like to receive (up to 10 prayer cloths). Be sure to include your mailing address. I will send prayer cloths to anywhere in the world.

I am not guaranteeing that a miracle will definitely take place, but it has been proven to be one possible method of receiving healing or other answers to prayer.

As I’ve mentioned in this post, there are many possible ways of receiving healing from the Lord. He heals through the natural and through medicine and doctors too, as well as through the Divine.

You have to be led by the Holy Spirit in your journey of receiving your healing or miracle.

For me personally, what has been the most effective method of receiving Divine healing with the quickest results (but not overnight results), is the spoken word. This is the method where you decree healing commands over your body, curse the roots of the disease if that is applicable, command the disease to leave your body and never return again, and begin to speak healing Scriptures over your body.

Then begin to prophesy to your future that you are going to be completely made whole, joyful, thriving, flourishing, having strength in your body, living to be a ripe old age, living the rest of your life in divine health, being fruitful and productive, prospering financially, and begin to be very specific in prophesying what your future is going to be like.

Prophesying involves speaking blessings over your life and good and positive things. If you prophesy negative things, that’s not godly prophecy, but is speaking curses over yourself. It doesn’t please God to talk like that, nor does it go over well with your guardian angels who are there to try to help you.

Several years ago, before I learned about faith and the power of our spoken words, I was very upset over a matter in my personal life, and began to say all these negative curse-like things outloud (I was at home alone with no one around to hear me, except my angels and God).

After I was finished saying all those negative things, I walked into my bedroom and in the middle of the floor was a small pile of cat litter (like a small bucket had been poured in a neat little pile on the carpet). I knew the cats could not have pulled that one off and done that. The cat litter boxes were in a different room in the house, and cats cannot carry litter in their paws and walk down the hall and into my room, and deposit it into a neat pile that was the amount of a small bucket that kids play with at the beach.

I knew that my angels did that to get my attention, and to let me know that all that negative curse-like talk I was saying was basically, “poop” (and this world has other choice words for that). Anyways, the angels got their point across loud and clear, as I was vacuuming up the pile of litter. I’ll never forget that lesson. From that point on, I’ve made it a point to only speak good and positive things about myself and others, and if I have nothing positive to say about certain people, to say nothing at all.

God showed me that our words not only affect our own lives, but it can affect others’ lives as well for the good or the bad. I only want to be a carrier of God’s goodness and speak words of grace and life. I don’t want to speak words of death to myself or anyone else.